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Insolvency & Rescue Awards 2014 - The Winners' Supplement Provided by Insolvency News Insolvency & Rescue Awards 14 Winners’ Profiles Digital Edition
Important information for policyholders of Prudential Annuities Limited (PAL) Provided by Prudential Annuities Limited (PAL) The proposed transfer of the long-term business of PAL to The Prudential Assurance Company Limited (PAC)
The Graham Report: what about CVAs? Provided by KSA Group As the government raises the issue of veto power over pre-packs contingent on the failure of measures proposed by the Graham Report, Eric Walls, director of turnaround and insolvency at KSA group, wonders if the original review may have partially missed the mark in the first place.
Profile: Deloitte UK Restructuring Provided by Insolvency News As the insolvency market shifts in favour of restructuring work, firms are having to adapt in order to secure work. Nick Edwards, head of restructuring services at Deloitte UK, talks to Insolvency News about how Deloitte Restructuring is prepared to tackle the changes
Dark matter Provided by Insolvency News The murky state of debt management is obscuring a clear picture of the personal insolvency world. But as trade body R3 seeks to modernise standard practice, John Brazier takes a look at the current landscape and asks what it is looking to achieve.
Window of opportunity for IPs to act on interest rate hedging claims is closing Provided by Insolvency News As the IRHP redress scheme closes at the end of May, Rob Evans of Moore Blatch solicitors and Hanif Virji of AHV Associates explain why potential claiments need to get a move on
Insolvency Service Q4 Statistics: The Responses Provided by Insolvency News Following the release of official statistics from The Insolvency Service for Q4 2013 last week, Insolvency News presents the key figures and opinion from leading industry figures.
Profile: Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group Provided by Insolvency News John Brazier meets Neil Bennett and Andrew Duncan of Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group to talk about the insolvency and restructuring market, diversification and the difference between London and the rest of the country.
Bang to rights Provided by Insolvency News If there is one sector bound to produce more work for the insolvency and rescue profession in 2014, it’s the world of legal practice. Examples of law firms becoming insolvent have been rife over the past year, with the last two quarters proving particularly intense for the sector, and it seems things will get worse before they get better, finds Fred Crawley
Culture shock Provided by Insolvency News Media criticism of the banking sector’s approach to restructuring clients is just the latest point of discussion in a long-running debate on the UK’s business rescue culture. Fred Crawley and John Brazier ask what can be done to limit public misunderstanding of insolvency.
A bridge too far? Provided by Insolvency News While the Insolvency Service is making the most of resources to crack down on misbehaviour by company directors, the government must manage its own expectations if it is to call for more drastic action to be taken under the current funding model, says Fred Crawley.
Do IPs do turnaround? The Responses Provided by Insolvency News In the October/November issue of Insolvency Today, Tony Groom, head of restructuring at K2 Business Partners, posed the question: do IPs do turnaround? Here we present some of the reactions this question received in our Insolvency Today LinkedIn group.
The cycle of life Provided by Insolvency News Massive social and economic change will continue to affect UK town centres for some time – but is this as much of a crisis as the media would have it, or just a part of natural change? Either way, IPs and rescue professionals should be aware of how they are likely to be involved in the changes to come, writes Fred Crawley
More paper, more problems Provided by Insolvency News With almost no discussion about IT in businesses concluding without a mention of ‘the cloud’, John Brazier asks when IPs are going to lose the paper and go digital.
Homes need a health check Provided by Insolvency News Recent research shows that a third of care home operators are at risk of financial failure. The pressure of spiralling costs and budget cuts in the face of increasing demand means there is likely to be a substantial rise in administrations, finds John Brazier.
Continental drift Provided by Insolvency News Some 200,000 corporate insolvency proceedings are initiated across Europe each year, and more than a quarter of these are cross-border in nature. Yet with dramatic variations in how insolvency is handled across different jurisdictions, John Brazier asks what the profession can expect from work that extends internationally.
Insolvency Rescue Awards 13 Winners' Profiles Provided by Insolvency News Insolvency & Rescue Awards 13 Winners' Profiles Digital Edition
Insolvency Rescue Awards Winners' Profiles 2012 Provided by Insolvency News Insolvency Rescue Awards Winners' Profiles Digital Edition
S&P Report: Euler Hermes Provided by Standard & Poor's Standard & Poor's has downgraded the financial strength of credit insurer Euler Hermes UK. S&P documents the reasons for doing so in this report.
SECTOR REPORT - CONSTRUCTION Provided by Insolvency News Dwindling contracts, litigious clients and a finance drought have left construction companies gasping, but as 2012 begins, the situation looks set to get worse, as Joe McGrath discovers
SECTOR REPORT - TRAVEL Provided by Insolvency News In this comprehensive market report, Joe McGrath asks which companies are the weakest in the travel, tourism and airline sectors.
Power 100 Provided by Insolvency News Find the only comprehensive list of the highest flyers in British Insolvency right here in the 2011 Insolvency Today Power 100.
SECTOR REPORT - RETAIL Provided by Insolvency News With a host of high street chains teetering on the brink, Joe McGrath, investigates the retail sector and assesses retailers’ recovery prospects...
Recovering outstanding debt Provided by Equifax New insights into recovering outstanding debt, a whitepaper from Equifax. Explore how organisations can harness the power of credit reference data for effective collections and recoveries.
SECTOR REPORT - FOOTBALL Provided by Insolvency News With football clubs continuing to gamble their financial stability with expensive players, Andy Pearce discovers why recent insolvencies are just the tip of the iceberg
History in the making Provided by Insolvency News A year shy of its 350th birthday, The Gazette – founded in 1665 – is the UK’s oldest continuously published newspaper and its official newspaper of record. Martin Fagan finds out how its publishers have brought it online, added more tools and turned it into a vital tool for insolvency professionals.