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Experto Credite enters liquidation owing staff more than £500,000 3 January 2017

Debt buyer and collector Experto Credite has entered liquidation, with company records showing the company owed employees around £505,000 in wages, redundancy and notice pay.

The company entered voluntary liquidation on November 24. David Blenkarn and Gregory Palfrey, insolvency practitioners from accountancy firm Smith & Williamson, were appointed as joint liquidators for the winding up process.

In a statement of affairs filing on Companies House, European debt purchaser Intrum Justitia is listed as a company creditor, to the value of £474,000.

The company was also in £190,000 debt to HMRC at the time it entered liquidation.

Further debts are owed to several of the big banks and utilities and telecoms providers including HSBC, Natwest, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

Experto Credite was launched in 2006 under the direction of Evreth Thompson who left the company in 2008 when Staale Aasestrand was appointed as a director.

Aasestrand took on the role of chairman and chief executive and will continue to be so until the company is wound up.

Aasestrand is also listed on the statement of affairs filing as a company creditor. He is listed twice, once as ‘director – DLA’ owed £243,430 and again just as an individual owed £247,888. The two listings amount to a total of £491,318 that he’s owed.

He has taken on a new position at financial solutions provider Fifo Capital England as director of credit and process.

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