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Pensions Advisory Service chair steps down after bankruptcy 7 November 2016

The chair of the Pensions Advisory Service, which offers independent advice about private and company pension, has stepped down after being declared bankrupt.

Museji Takolia was made bankrupt in July and stood down in September.

Wendy Wardell of KPMG has been appointed as Takolia’s trustee.

The Insolvency Service’s individual insolvency register shows that Takolia’s automatic discharge will take place on July 28 2017.

As chair of the Pensions Advisory Service he was responsible for the overall direction of the service.

According to a statement on his original appointment, he was described as a “champion of savers”, having been selected for his experience in working with organisations in the charitable sector, local and central government.

A spokesperson for the Pensions Advisory Service (PAS) said: “I can confirm that Museji Takolia has stood down as chair and the minister has appointed another PAS non-executive, Ann Harris, as acting chair for up to six months or until the situation is resolved.”

The service is grant-funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, with paid pension specialists, but also relies on hundreds of volunteers around the country.



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