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I&R Awards judges share their tips on entries 19 June 2015

I&R Awards judges from the UK’s largest insolvency firms and recognised professional bodies (RPBs) have shared tips with readers on how to write winning entries.

As the deadline for entries has been extended due to popular demand to Wednesday June 24, judges from the ICAEW, the IPA, PwC, Mazars and StepChange Debt Charity, have provided advice on making nominations stand out.

In a series of Q&As with editor Marcel Le Gouais, here’s what they had to say:

Bob Pinder, regional director, professional standards, ICAEW, and awards scheme co-chair
Q: What tips would you give to entrants?
A: “Stick to answering the criteria, challenge yourself and/or your firm. Project your personality or that of your firm and back up any significant achievements with stats or KPIs.”

Q: How would you describe in brief the judging process?
A: “Extremely rigorous, challenging, enlightening and ultimately very satisfying – not to mention tiring.”

David Kerr, chief executive, IPA
Q: What tips would you give to entrants?
A: “Avoid trotting out standard marketing information gleaned from the firm’s website, and instead focus on achievements in the relevant period. It’s not a beauty contest or all-time league table, but a view of best in each category for the year in question.”

David Chubb, partner, PwC
Q: What tips would you give to entrants?
A: “The quality of the entries is high so it is important to invest time in your entry to give yourself the best chance. Having the best case for an award in any category is not going to be enough if the judges cannot fully understand the story.”

Q: How would you describe the judging process?
A: “When I first got involved as a judge, I was impressed by the robustness, organisation and time invested in the whole process. As a previous winner of awards, it gave me extra satisfaction to know how challenging it is to win.”

Q: Do you think the profession always gets the recognition it deserves?
A: “Whilst not wanting to be defeatist, it is always going to be difficult to get the recognition for the contribution our profession makes to UK commerce. Almost more important that recognition is an understanding of what we do because this would aide recognition.”

Jackie Westerman, insolvency practitioner, StepChange Voluntary Arrangements
Q: What tips would you give to entrants?
A: “Make sure you look at the evidence required for the award and give as much detail in your entry which is relevant to this. Use sub headings for each of the evidence points so that you don’t miss anything.”

Ann Nilsson, partner, Mazars
Q: What tips would you give to entrants?
A: “Stand out from the crowd – do something additional, such as serve on committees, write articles for Recovery magazine, give presentations on R3 courses etc, whilst performing at the highest level in what you do best.”

Visit the I&R Awards website for more information.

By Marcel LeGouais



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