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South Square sets the bar for cross-border insolvency 24 February 2015

The Fourth Edition of Cross-Border Insolvency has been published by Bloomsbury Professional, offering an exhaustive guide to the law relating to international insolvency events.

The book, aimed at offering guidance to lawyers, Insolvency Practitioners and other professionals involved in insolvency and business rescue, has been written by a team of barristers from leading insolvency set South Square, led by general editor Richard Sheldon QC.

Its contributors are Mark Arnold QC, Jeremy Goldring QC, Tom Smith QC, John Briggs, Lloyd Tamlyn, Richard Fisher and Adam Al-Attar.

In reviewing the Third Edition of the title, the International Company and Commercial Law Review said: “this work should find a place on the shelves of anyone serious about international insolvency, be they judge, practitioner, academic or student in the field.”

Presenting what even experts acknowledge as a notoriously complex field in a clear and user-friendly format, the book’s content is divided into two sections.

While the first describes the key statutory cross-border insolvency regimes (namely the EC Insolvency Regulation, the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency, and section 426 of the Insolvency Act 1986, and the common law), the second focuses on specific issues in more detail.

Areas examined in the book’s second part include the court’s insolvency jurisdiction, ancillary winding-up, enforcement of foreign insolvency judgments, foreign discharge of debts and insolvency set-off.

New for 2015

New to the Fourth Edition is a full analysis of the current state of cross-border insolvency law and practice in England and Wales, addressing all recent applicable legislation and including a review of case law ranging from those at common law in the 18th century, right up to the most recent cases from 2014.

In addition to cases from the UK and the Commonwealth, reference is also made to those from other jurisdictions due to the international origins of the European Insolvency Regulation and the UNCITRAL Model Law.

Specific issues addressed include the proposals for revision of the EC Insolvency Regulation (1346/2000), the impact of the Supreme Court decision in Rubin v Eurofinance, the scope of section 426 in HSBC v Tambrook Jersey, developments in offshore jurisdictions in Primeo Fund and Saad Investments (Cayman), Re C (BVI), plus Kelmsley v Barclays Bank PLC, Pan Ocean Co. Ltd and recent cases on schemes of arrangement.

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By Fred Crawley



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