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SIA Group announces partnership with Valuation Consulting 29 July 2014

Asset valuation firm SIA Group has announced a new strategic partnership with intellectual property and company valuer, Valuation Consulting Co Ltd.

The partnership will see both companies working together as preferred project partners, pooling knowledge and resources in intellectual property and intangible asset valuation and disposal.

SIA Group has said that it will further its reach in Intangible Asset Valuation and Disposal as a result of the partnership.

Paul Craig, managing director, SIA Group, said: “Asset Based Lenders are beginning to realise the potential funding value against trademarks, patents, domain names and other intellectual property, such as copyright and design right (“IP”), and it’s only matter of time before this asset class is secured and monitored in its own right. Additionally if an IP intensive company faces financial distress, IP may be amongst the most valuable assets remaining to maximise realisation.

“Our strategic partnership with Valuation Consulting ensures that we can provide accurate and well researched IP valuations and disposal advice to ensure clients can make an informed decision in leveraging and recovering value from these very important assets. It’s very much a case of the intangible becoming tangible.”

Kelvin King, Managing Director of Valuation Consulting, said: “Intangibles account for as much as 80% of corporate worth today.

“We have been privileged to work closely with SIA on a number of projects and have found we share a deep common interest in furthering the field of ensuring intangible assets have their rightful prominence in the valuation of company worth and restructuring and realising value for creditors.”



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