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SIA to hold milestone aviation auction 8 May 2014

SIA Group is to conduct the UK’s first dedicated auction for General Aviation and Business Aviation assets at Bicester Heritage (formerly RAF Bicester) on 5 June, 2014.

SIA Group Aviation, a specialist arm of asset valuation, disposal and advisory services provider SIA, is running the opening event with aviation events company MIU, after which lots will be available for viewing and pre-purchase inspection until 20 June. Bidding will close on 21 June.

Although aviation auctions are common in the US, this is the first time such an auction, dedicated to aviation lots only, has been staged in the UK.

Lots will include aircraft and aircraft parts, including VIP and utility rotary aircraft, piston and turbine fixed wing planes and business jets, plus aviation-related memorabilia, art and photography. Lots will be on display at SIA Group’s website over the coming weeks.

The event will be free to attend for accredited guests or bona-fide industry participants. Registration is via the MIU site, while the bidding process can be accessed online through the SIA site, as well as on the BidSpotter website.

It will comprise a programme of presentations, celebrity contributions, complimentary food and drink and entertainment, and will culminate in a live evening auction of selected lots. Experts will be on hand to provide advice on regulatory and practical issues to attendees considering buying or chartering an aircraft for the first time.

SIA Group managing director Paul Craig says the event has been planned and prepared for over the last few years, and represents a milestone for UK aviation asset sales. He commented further that SIA is committed to ensuring the auction “will not just be a one off event, but a regular fixture in the aviation industry calendar”.

“The purpose of the auction is to simplify the way in which aircraft, parts and equipment are bought and sold, and to allow a global market access to aircraft they otherwise wouldn’t know were available”, explained Craig.

“Buyers and sellers will be offered a transparent and seamless way to do business, with the auction process eliminating long-winded negotiations over price and contracts, and easing the often tested and fraught relationship between buyer and seller. Most importantly, there are no hidden commissions, and sales prices are transparent to all parties involved – meaning aircraft and parts can be sold for their true value.”

Craig concluded: “If you would like to speak to someone from SIA Group about the auction, or are interested in selling an aircraft or aircraft parts, there is still time.”

SIA group contact details are as follows:
+44 (0) 1273 621 317



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