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Banned director jailed for 13 months 19 November 2013

A director who used a series of different names and ignored four counts of disqualification has been jailed for 13 months by Manchester Crown Court.

Wesley Gregory was sentenced following an initial investigation by the Insolvency Service and a full criminal investigation and prosecution by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).

The investigation found that despite receiving an eight year disqualification in October 2008 for his role as director of Global Media Productions Ltd, Gregory had been director of 13 companies between 18 November 2010 and 20 July 2012.

Global Media Productions was wound up on 4 September 2006 for its part in a publishing scam involving the “purported production of safety and crime awareness booklets”, where proceeds were claimed to be donated to Kidscan, a children’s charity.

Donations to Kidscan were never made and Gregory failed to maintain adequate accounting records for the business. The company went into liquidation with debts of £284,313.

In order to avoid detection, Gregory changed his name via deed poll on three occasions between December 2009 and December 2010, incorporating 13 companies under the new monikers.

Deputy chief investigation officer, Mike Williams from the Department for BIS, said: “Disqualifying persons from acting as company directors is an important element in our role of public protection in business activity.

“In this case, Mr Gregory went to great lengths to disguise he was acting as a director when he was already disqualified and showed a total disregard for the law.

“Mr Gregory’s guilty pleas indicate the weight of evidence against him gathered by the investigation officer, and I am pleased that in sentencing him the judge recognised the significant level of his offence.”



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