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Struggling rugby clubs can’t catch a break 18 October 2013

Financially troubled rugby teams may be penalised further as the Rugby Football League (RFL) plans to increase maximum points penalties.

The RFL intends to double the maximum penalty for clubs undergoing insolvency procedures. Super League clubs will go up to 12 from six, and Championship clubs will increase from nine to 18.

The Wakefield and Crusaders rugby clubs were deducted four points in 2011, while Bradford, having gone into administration in 2012, was penalised six points.

These penalties would go into immediate effect following insolvency procedures, or at the start of the new season should an event occur during playoffs or close season.

Sports news title Running Rugby quoted the Policy Review saying: “It is clear that the numerous insolvencies (and near insolvencies), occurring at some clubs in Super League over the past three years, has been both damaging to the sport and to the other members of the league who continue to manage their finances with skill and competence.”

The plans designed by the RFL are intended to salvage the “commercial prospects and reputation of the sport”.



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