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Former councillor jailed over bankruptcy charges 1 October 2013

Former Bournemouth councillor and bankrupt Anthony Ramsden-Geary has been sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for obtaining a loan without declaring his bankruptcy status.

Following a trial at Bournemouth Crown Court, Ramsden-Geary was convicted yesterday (26 September) and disqualified from being a company director for six years.

Ramsden-Geary had previously pleaded guilty to five counts of bankruptcy on 23 July 2013, including two charges for acting in the management of companies whilst an undischarged bankrupt.

He was first declared bankrupt in October 1993 and discharged two years later.

In November 2003 Ramsden-Geary was declared bankrupt for the second time following a creditor’s petition and was subsequently unable to apply for discharge until five years after the order.

A trustee was appointed in December 2003 following a creditor position – during which time Ramsey-Geary “failed to answer truthfully to his trustee when asked whether he was employed”, as he was required to by bankruptcy law.

It was also found that Ramsden-Geary obtained credit of £25,000 from a friend who was unaware that he was a bankrupt in August 2007, to be used as a “deposit to purchase a flat for his parents” – although no such property was ever acquired.

Ramsden-Geary was discharged from bankruptcy in April 2009, but the court heard he was managing a company, AHRG Limited, even though his wife was the registered director.

The company was put into compulsory liquidation up on 4 February 2009, with debts of £322,022.12.



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