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VIEWPOINT: Drowning in documents? 29 September 2013

Many practitioners are ready to embrace the digital revolution when it comes to their offices. James Boyle of Visionblue Solutions (formerly known as Insolv) looks at paperless solutions.

The demand for firms to move to a paperless office is increasing, with more and more practitioners preferring to have documents stored digitally than have mountains of paper piling up on their desks. The prospect of having documents stored electronically appeals to many as not only is it time saving, but it also frees up large amounts of space in the office and can cut down on costs.

Visionblue can provide an electronic document and records management service. It is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and implemented by DocuPlex Services to create a highly productive working environment for your team, saving you time and money. Combined with an electronic document publishing portal for annual reports, the Visionblue electronic document and records management system addresses a range of costly overheads normally incurred by insolvency practitioners.

Originally launched in Ireland in 2003, Visionblue products quickly became the industry standard and launched in the UK in 2007 to an overwhelming response from practitioners. Visionblue is a case management system designed to deal with the intricate requirements of all corporate and personal appointments from start to finish.

One solution

Practitioners are now looking for an insolvency software package that can cater for their every need. Instead of having a separate system for each aspect of the firm’s practices, it is more practical for practitioners to have one system that can introduce all aspects into one software solution.

Visionblue effectively offers a practice multiple options to get the most from its caseload. There is the main Insolv case management system, as well as Visionblue Analytics, a reporting module allowing practitioners to easily analyse every aspect of their assignment caseload, and My Insolvency Report, a secure website dedicated to hosting insolvency practitioners’ reports to creditors.

Visionblue’s package is completed by its Electronic Document Management Solution. DocuPlex for Visionblue provides practitioners with a paperless office. It is clear to see why large numbers of practitioners are interested in adopting a paperless office system when one looks at the benefits of implementing this idea.

Electronic benefits

Case correspondence such as emails and letters can be easily and safely saved and stored. Firms no longer have to worry about lost letters, as by using an electronic document and records management service, post can be efficiently distributed electronically.
This increased efficiency can then lead to improved customer service.

Costs to firms can be dramatically reduced by using a paperless office system. Implementing a system such as DocuPlex for Visionblue can see a reduction in the following:

  • Payroll costs – making the team more effective saves time and helps cope with rises and falls in workloads;
  • Postage costs – publishing reports electronically saves money;
  • Phone costs – quick access to case files avoids telephone call-backs and saves money;
  • Photocopying costs – reproducing reports electronically saves money (and is also greener);
  • Storage costs – storing case correspondence electronically cuts storage costs whether in-office or external.

Visionblue’s offering of DocuPlex for Visionblue has its own unique benefits. Included in the Visionblue package, it is therefore paid for in the one installation fee. The Re-file function allows case administrators to index post to correct file sections. The Audit Trail helps ensure timely handling of correspondence that can be monitored by management to meet regulatory compliance standards. The ‘Buddy’ system helps teams to collaborate more efficiently and meet performance targets.

Visionblue offers a solution that covers the modern practitioner’s every need at a very affordable price. If you are interested in giving your firm a competitive edge, Visionblue is the answer for you.

For further information:

Contact James Boyle of Visionblue Solutions
Tel: (UK) 0800 072 0092
Tel: (Intl.) +353 1 685 4128



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