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Ticket tout director banned 14 June 2013

A second director of a ticket touting company has been disqualified from acting as a director after acting as a front for an undischarged bankrupt.

Following an investigation by The Insolvency Service, Paul Hutchins of Sportsbookings Ltd was disqualified for five years.

Hutchins connived with John Koukoullis to front Sportbookings whilst letting Koukoullis, a bankrupt, ran the company. Sportbookings Ltd sold tickets for concerts and sporting events via its website The Real Ticket Company.

Paul Titherington, official receiver in Public Interest Unit of The Insolvency Service, said: “This company claimed it could supply tickets to concerts and sporting events, but failed in many cases to do so.

“The company cynically exploited customers and credit card service providers, who lost substantial sums.”

Sportsbookings failed to both supply tickets sold through its website and provide refunds to customers, resulting in credit card service providers losing at least £218,181.

Hutchins was named director of Sportsbookings and opened a bank account for the company, but turned control of both over to Koukoullis, who pretended to be Hutchins to the company’s suppliers, customers, and accountants.

Sportsbookings was wound up in the public interest in January 2011. Koukoullis had previously given an 11-year undertaking from August 2012 not to act as company director whilst bankrupt.

The investigation found that by his actions, Hutchins facilitated Koukoullis’ control of the company, despite being aware that the latter’s bankruptcy prevented him from doing so.



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