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North East businesses hit hard in Q1 30 May 2013

Businesses in North East of England continue to struggle with low employment rates, according the English Business Survey for March.

The English Business Survey, conducted by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, interviewed 3,000 workplaces on business conditions in England.

While UK regions generally recorded positve growth in output for March 2013, the North East’s output fell -3% compared to December 2012.
Simiarly, the North East recorded the lowest level of change in employment – down 9% for the period.

The North West reported the strongest output balance (24%), while Yorkshire and The Humber was the strongest in terms of employment (+4%).

March’s overall figure for England shows an +1% improvement on February’s balance, 1 percentage point higher than the same period in 2012.

38% of businesses reported output was higher, whilst 24% reported it was lower, in March 2013 compared with December 2012.

Major factors for the economy during Q1 2013 include an increase in retail sales and production output, and a decrease in manufacturing output and construction volume.

Looking forward, expectations of both output and future employment are both positive.

Expectations of output for June compared to March are positive with a balance of +30% for England. However this is lower than the previous two months’ results and follows a similar trend to 2012.

Employment expectations for June are positive with a balance of +9% but are slightly weaker when compared to February’s results (+13%).

A net positive balance of +9% was recorded as more businesses (20%) are anticipating higher employment than lower (11%).



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