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Football managers in sights of HMRC 17 May 2013

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is set to target professional football coaches in its latest attempt to collect unpaid taxes.

Letters have been sent out to 3,300 licensed coaches, including some qualified to UEFA-level, by HMRC urging them to come forward and pay any undeclared tax they may owe.

The move has being conducted in cooperation with the Football Association, which has a legal obligation to comply with HMRC.

A spokesman for HMRC said: “HMRC is committed to making sure everyone pays the tax they owe, giving people the chance to put things right if there is a problem.

“Most football coaches pay the tax they owe, but this is a final chance for football coaches who have not been playing by the rules to get onside with their tax affairs.”

The campaign is part of HMRC’s “tax catch up plan” aimed at specific occupations, which has so far yielded £547m from voluntary disclosures and £140m after investigations.

FA-qualified coaches who coach on a voluntary basis outside of their full time jobs will be included within the campaign, for example those who coach at holiday and summer camps overseas.

However, coaches employed with the larger professional football clubs are unlikely to vulnerable, as they will receive salaries with the tax paid by clubs via PAYE.

Those who come forward to declare previous earnings will have to pay the outstanding tax, any interest due if it is late, and a penalty of around 10% of the tax owing.



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