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Agenda confirmed for TMA Europe 10 May 2013

The ethical responsibilities of businesses will be high on the agenda at Turnaround Management Association Europe’s annual conference in London next month.

Adrian Doble, co-chair of the conference, said trust, conduct and personal responsibility will be among the core themes running through the debates at the event on Friday 7 June, which will be attended by leading restructuring experts from across Europe.

Mr Doble, a partner at restructuring firm FRP Advisory, said: “Amid continuing economic fragility across Europe and a re-evaluation of the roles and responsibilities of political leaders, business leaders are being drawn to the challenge of how to address the role of ethical codes of behaviour within their own organisations.

“Viewing a business as a social organisation – in the way it treats its staff, customers and suppliers – while still maintaining its duties to investors, is focusing management on a moral dimension to business management not seen in some industries for more than a generation.”

The conference, being held at The Landmark Hotel on Marylebone Road, will focus on the ethical dimensions of business organisations and their activities, as part of the restructuring sector’s role in ensuring Europe’s economies and businesses emerge in a stronger and more sustainable shape.

The conference keynote speaker Lord Glasman, founder of Blue Labour and advisor to Ed Miliband, will lead the debate by setting out what he thinks Europe’s economic priorities should be.

Mr Doble added: “We have come full circle in looking at apportioning blame since the onset of the financial crisis just over five years ago. Only now, against a backdrop of a series of record penalties levied by regulators against a number of institutions has a fundamental debate about trust and personal responsibility begun to emerge across the myriad of businesses that form the backbone of Europe’s economy.



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