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Taxman to swoop on Jade Goody's estate 23 April 2013

The late Jade Goody’s estate is reportedly facing bankruptcy following a £1 million tax bill that could leave her two sons with none of her planned inheritance.

Reality TV darling, Goody, passed away in 2009 after suffering cervical cancer, having earned a reported £2.2 million during 2006 to 2010. The reality television star had planned to leave the inheritance to pay for her sons’ future educations.

Daniel Hayward, trustee of Goody’s estate, told The Sun newspaper: “It’s a truly shocking decision. But we intend to appeal and fight to the end in true Jade-style to fulfil her last wishes for the boys, no matter how long it may take.”

The newspaper reported that officials at HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) raised the tax bill from £566,000 to £1,035,902 — ruling that business expenses and losses made on the Ugly’s beauty salon in Harlow, Essex, do not qualify for tax relief.

The bill also includes an interest sum of £119,000.

Goody donated £48,000 to cancer and anti-bullying charities is considered taxable, as the amounts were made at charity auctions.

Expenses from her wedding to Jack Tweed a month before her death were disallowed, as the Inland Revenue deemed it was a personal matter.

Trustees of the estate may now sell Goody’s three Essex-based homes, although this may not be sufficient to clear the estate’s debt.

The news came three days after Goody’s estate was awarded damages resulting from a phone hacking case against the News of the World newspaper.



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