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KPMG partner to lead Euro crime unit 18 April 2013

Jeremy Outen, partner and head of KPMG’s fraud practice, has been named as the director designate of the Economic Crime Command Unit at the new National Crime Agency (NCA).

The new unit is due to begin operations in October 2013 following its expected Royal Assent next month. Outen has been a forensic accountant with KPMG for 21 years and has experience of working with the Home Office since 2005.

According to the Home Office, the new unit will ‘provide an innovative and improved capability to deal with fraud and economic crimes, including those carried out by organised criminals.’

The NCA will be responsible for tackling crimes such as child exploitation, drug and people smuggling, illegal immigration, fraud and cyber-crime.

Home Secretary Theresa May has said ‘Jeremy Outen has the skills and experience necessary to tackle the challenges posed by economic crime. Getting a senior leadership team in place early is crucial to ensuring the NCA is ready to become fully operational later this year.’

Outen has worked on cases such as the collapse of Kuwait Investment Office’s investments in Spain, investigations in Switzerland into dormant bank accounts belonging to victims of Nazi persecution, and the collapse of SBS-Agro in Moscow.

NCA Director General, Keith Bristow, has said Outen ‘has helped shape’ government’s policy for recovering the proceeds of crime when on secondment at the Cabinet Office in 2000.



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