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UK takeaway chain enters administration 17 July 2012

Sumo Salad (UK) Ltd – the British subsidiary of the Australian takeaway brand – has collapsed into administration.

Practitioners at ReSolve Partners LLP were brought in to sift through the assets of the small takeaway chain, along with subsidiaries Sumo Salad Byward Limited and Sumo Salad New Change Limited.

Cameron Gunn, Mark Supperstone and Simon Harris are the practitioners that have been appointed for the administration.

The Sumo Salad brand had a small, regional presence in London including a position in the upmarket “One New Change” shopping centre in the City of London’s trendy Cheapside district.

Regular customer Geoff Ho, said the company offered a great variety including salads, pasta, cous cous, wraps, sandwiches and grills.

He added: “Apart from being healthy and delicious, it was a little part of Australia in grey miserable London which really did remind me of a warm, sunny place. I really hope it survives.”

The Sumo Salad brand was originally built in Sydney, Australia in 2003 and the Australian arm of the business grew to over 80 stores before the company expanded to New Zealand and Dubai.

On the company’s website, it boasted of ‘grand plans for expansion across the UK’ and one, separate franchise is still operational in Norwich.



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