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Guilfoyle issues apology to Bradford Bulls players 3 July 2012

Players at Bradford Bulls rugby club have today received an official apology from administrator Brendan Guilfoyle after the decision to cancel a meeting was never communicated to players.

Brendan Guilfoyle, partner at P&A Partnership and administrator at Bradford Bulls rugby league club, today issued a statement confirming he had originally convened a meeting with the players for today.

However, late last night he decided to cancel it as he had no update for the players and told them to have the day off.

Unfortunately this message never reached the players, by the time Guilfoyle contacted the captain, the players’ representatives and their solicitors.

He said: “We have been in touch with the captain, Matt Diskin to give a personal apology to him and his team mates – I recognise how unsettling it was for the players.”

Guilfoyle said he had been overwhelmed with the turnout and support from the fans at the Guide Post hotel in Bradford last night, where an estimated 500 people turned up.

He added: “I am sure the passion and tangible support offered by fans will play a significant part in any rescue. It has already had an effect.

“One businessman who had rejected any involvement rang me after the meeting and said he had changed his mind. He has now asked to look at the numbers, based on the loyalty and support shown by fans.”

Guilfoyle has extended the deadline for the administration to Tuesday 10 July but said there can be no further extension unless a purchaser is found. This will enable the home match against London Broncos to go ahead on Sunday.

Guilfoyle also confirmed the statement made last night that there is no conspiracy to allow current directors to buy the Club cheaply.

He said: “I cannot state strongly enough that I am not speaking to any former directors or shareholders, or anyone who has ever acted as a director, about buying the Club.

“I am desperately looking for ways for this Club to survive and genuinely looking for purchasers. I would urge Bradford’s business community to rally round and see how they can save this Club. This City should be proud of its fan base, who are a real asset to anyone buying Bradford Bulls.”



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