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Wasted opportunity as sewage halts hotel turnaround 3 July 2012

Administrators of a Spa Hotel in Wetherby, West Yorkshire have announced that 27 staff will have to be made redundant after the premises were flooded by effluent.

The sewage ravaged the ground floor of the Woodhall Spa Hotel following heavy rain on 27 and 28 June, forcing administrators Marshman Price to close the premises under instruction from the Environmental Health Officer.

As a result, Alan Price, joint administrator at Marshman Price said there was no choice but to close the hotel due to the amount of damage from the flood.

He explained: “We have no alternative but to comply with the EHO’s notice. In any event, the premises have been contaminated by sewage effluent and are uninhabitable.

“It is too early to say when the business will reopen, however it is likely to be several weeks if not longer. We have contacted the company’s insurers, who are considering the matter.

“Meanwhile any existing bookings must be considered cancelled. Anybody who has made an advance payment for a function or stay at the hotel should contact the administrators and provide details of the booking.

“We regret we will be unable to accept telephone enquiries in this regard. I sympathise with anybody affected by having their bookings cancelled but the matter is beyond the administrators’ control.”



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