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IS 2012: Insolvency Service's frustration at Coalition policy 1 March 2012

An Insolvency Service (IS) policy director today voiced his frustration at the measures having been introduced by the coalition government to reduce regulation.

Speaking at the Insolvency Today Scotland conference in Glasgow, Nick Howard, policy director at the IS, said the current government’s pre-disposal for no new regulation was making ‘his brow furrow’ when trying to address shortfalls in the current rules.

He said: “We have a government in place that is not very keen to regulate. That is making my brow furrow.

“They have put in place a series of measures to stop doing so much regulation. If you introduce a new regulation, you have to pull another measure out.

“If you introduce a new regulation, it will automatically fall out after a period of time unless you renew it and everything you propose goes through the Regulatory Reduction Committee.”

Howard also said that everything that the IS now proposes now has to be accompanied by an explanatory document which shows how the new measure is going to reduce a burden with a good economic case to back it up.

He added: “No new regulations can be introduced until 2014 for micro businesses (with less than 10 people).”

As a result, the IS has shifted the emphasis of its workload, advised Howard, with more attention paid to non-regulatory measures such as discussions on voluntary codes.

By Joe McGrath, in Glasgow



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