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Gatwick outsourcing firm loses dispute with HMRC 13 February 2012

An outsourcing consultancy has been wound-up after a dispute with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) over a disputed debt of £16,000.

The court heard how Gatwick Outsourcing Group – declared a ‘dormant company’ in its last filed accounts – originally faced debts of £111,000.

HMRC’s legal representative informed Mr Registrar Nicholls that no return had been received since the case was last adjourned on 16 January 2012.

She said: “There has been no return received and no further contact. The last adjournment was market final and on the last occasion we were told that the return showed £16,000 remained outstanding.

“Given that we have heard nothing and there has been nothing paid, we will seek the usual compulsory order.”
Counsel representing Gatwick Outsourcing Group said he was ‘surprised’ that the Revenue had claimed to have received no further contact.

He added: “The returns are on the court file today. I have an abundance of correspondence from the Revenue. There is a letter I have here from 17 January and the last letter was dated 9 February.”

Mr Registrar Nicholls said the fact that the case had had previous adjournments on both 14 November 2011 and 16 January 2012 had to be taken into consideration, particularly as the last one was ‘marked final’.

He added: “A settlement figure has not been reached, so I make the usual compulsory order.”

Gatwick Outsourcing Group is registered at Companies House at serviced offices on the Beehive Ring Road adjacent to Gatwick Airport. However, the trading address was listed as Flat 70 Stevens House, Jerome Place, Surrey.

Company secretary Craig Steven Mark Court is currently registered as a director at two other companies: Trackstar Management (non-trading) and EAS Metals Limited.



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