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Mystery surrounds car clamp administration 3 January 2012

Southampton-based Whites Car Park Solutions had been embroiled in a swarm of negative publicity, championed by enraged local residents. The administration is being handled by administrator James Pretty.

According to its balance sheet submitted in March 2010 the company’s creditors were owed £40,245 for the following year.

And Pretty, who was appointed on December 21, said it was too early to pinpoint the reasons behind the company’s financial problems.

However, he explained the company had apparently been sold before the creditors’ meeting in early December to an unknown company.

What’s more he added the company director had been unaware of any sale taking place.

He said: "The business was sold before the meeting but the director, who did not know about this sale, decided the company needed some form of insolvency procedure.  

"But the 100% shareholder could not be contacted so the company went into administration – that’s all I know at this early stage.

"One of my jobs is to find out who the company was sold to and by whom."

The company made headlines last year in the Southern Daily Echo, after it handed a D-Day veteran and pregnant woman hefty fines to release their cars.

It subsequently made national headlines after the tables were turned on the company when a clamper was blocked in by angry drivers refusing to pay their fine.

Whites Car Park Solutions’ registered address is in Southampton while it traded in Alresford, Hampshire.

By Andy Pearce



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