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Mazars appointed for Insynergy liquidation 16 November 2011

Insynergy owed creditors £46,909, including financial services companies, marketing firms and accountants as well as HMRC.

The business operated in several key areas including life assurance, buy-to-let, remortgaging, secured loans and home insurance.

Tim Ball, a partner in Mazars’ business recovery unit is the lead practitioner handling the case and is a specialist in the property sector.

In the company accounts filed in February 2010, the company valued its assets at £80,903 with liabilities of £76,777.

Company director Christopher Prantl is also the finance director of another financial services business – Platforum Limited, registered at 11 Chalice Court, Hedge End Southampton.

The organisation operated through live lead generation - where a potential customer is transferred in real time from one of Insynergy’s sale people to one of its customers.

It pre-qualified its customers before transferring the ‘lead’. It is understood that the company has now completely ceased trading and all phone lines have been disconnected.

Mazars has password protected the creditors’ list, but, as a public document, readers of Insolvency News can read it here.

By Joe McGrath


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