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RSM Tenon appointed to handle green fuel firm 9 November 2011

Advanced Recycling Technologies (ART) – which was formed 20 years ago - designed mixed waste processing plants and also specialised in the production of refined biomass fuels.

Since 2003, the company has designed, procured and project managed the Slough Fibre Fuel Plant and also designed the Castle Cement Plant in Lincolnshire.

Art – which had two offices in Somerset and County Waterford, Ireland - also pushed for more biodegradable waste to be diverted from landfill sites and instead be converted into renewable energy.

Company director Tony Manser – who had over 25 years experience in the industry - has previously worked with the UK Government on waste disposal legislation issues.

Chief executive Tom Jarman refrained from commenting about the situation.

Global trader of energy products, Cargill PLC, owns a 20% shareholding in Art following the completion of an investment agreement in 2007.

Timothy Dolder and Colin Wilson of RSM Tenon have been named joint administrators.

By Andy Pearce



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