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Garth Crooks kicks off Deloitte Diversity month 26 October 2011

The event – which was first launched in October 2009 – will showcase the accountancy firm’s range of employees.

All nine of Deloitte’s diversity networks, including GLOBE (gay, lesbian and bisexual) and faith groups will take part.

Stevan Rolls, head of human resources, said the Deloitte networks are an important part of the firm’s diversity strategy, and a key feature of our identity as an inclusive firm.

He added: "Our approach to diversity is founded on a strong corporate culture and shared values which emphasise fairness and the promotion of talent on merit regardless of background.

"Diversity month is one of the key points in the year when Deloitte formally takes the opportunity to celebrate the differences that make us unique as individuals, and provides an opportunity to debate the important issue of respect at work with our people and clients."

Former Tottenham player Crooks OBE joined managing partner and Deloitte CEO David Sproul for a Q&A answer session to launch the event last week.

Audit partner and co-chair of the GLOBE network, Will Smith, said: "Diversity is fundamental to our business and we are very proud of the impact that the networks have.

"The GLOBE network is growing rapidly across the firm and we hold regular events that unite members across all grades, locations and service lines.

"GLOBE has become a strong platform for our people to develop internal, client and community relationships."

The event will conclude next month with cricketer Bopara hosting an evening to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali.

By Andy Pearce


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