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IT CONFERENCE 2011: R3 backs appeals committee 5 October 2011

Speaking at this year’s Insolvency Today Conference, the incumbent R3 president acknowledged changes were needed within the profession, but warned some of the proposals discussed were simply not workable.

She said: "R3 thinks there should be an independent appeals committee to sit above the RPBs.

"We need to make changes to improve confidence in the profession but we don’t need wholesale revision and we don’t need consolidation of separate bodies."

Coulson added that proposals for a detached organisation to review case fees were unrealistic and could even lead to a culture of claims management firms, specialising in the area.

She added: "The OFT report found that the market works well in the majority of cases. While everyone always complains about case fees, there is a danger that a separate review body of fees would harm creditors.

"Will it achieve anything at the end of the day? There are already ways to challenge fees.

"It could open up a market of ambulance chasing where lawyers chase down fees recovery. We do think there should be some change but we think that any change should be proportionate."



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