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Griffins partner Hunt hits global headlines 2 June 2011

Hunt’s story appeared on the BBC, ITV, Sky News and in news sources across the globe ranging from the United States to Mexico and Africa.

The insolvency practitioner, who appears on the front page of The Sun newspaper today, originally bid for £36,000 worth of tickets. He later secured nearly a third of the amount he applied for after working out the odds of his success.

He told insolvencynews: “The coverage has been surreal. Yesterday I was on (BBC Radio 4’s) the Today programme in the morning, then on the BBC Breakfast sofa, then ITV wanted to speak to me, before Kay Burley from Sky News spoke to me.

“I was having a joke with John Humphrys about the whole thing, so it’s a day I’ll remember.”

National newspapers including The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph also leapt onto the story, revealing Hunt's success while mayor of London Boris Johnson missed out.

In his blog Hunt explains that the Olympic ballot permitted bids for up to 20 events. He said that if the odds of succeeding on each event were the same as a coin toss, the chances of getting more than one event would be all but certain, with a “guesstimate that you would expect about 10 events”.

He added: “Of course I had to assume that the odds for each of the popular events would be more than evens. Even at 2:1 the odds change dramatically. At say 10:1, the odds of getting one or two tickets becomes quite low and all of them quite impossible.”

His blog adds: “I am by no means a mathematical or statistical expert and without any prior information on the odds of winning tickets I am not sure there could have been any accuracy in working out the odds before the recent ballot process.”

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