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IPA announces new president 21 April 2011

The announcement was made at the group's annual general meeting, held in London on the 50th anniversary of the association on April 14.

Brazzil is an executive director at Ernst & Young, which he joined in 1986 from the Insolvency Service where he was an examiner for four years. He is a licensed insolvency practitioner with more than 25 years of corporate restructuring experience.

He currently heads the Ernst & Young LASER (liquidations and strategic exit routes) practice.

Brazzil said: “It is an honour to be appointed president of the IPA particularly in this its 50th year. I would like to thank Carl Faulds for his work over the past year and his assistance in preparing me for the year ahead.

“As president of the IPA, I recognise that regulation of insolvency is very much on the current agenda of parliament. It is important that the IPA continues to engage with government in ensuring that regulation of insolvency practitioners is seen to be fair and transparent and that the IPA continues to play a leading role in setting the agenda for the future of the profession."




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