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Man accused of investment fraud jailed 31 January 2011

The high court in Northern Ireland committed Francois de Dietrich to jail after he failed to comply with both a court order obtained by the FSA, and with FSA statutory information requests, ordering him to disclose where his assets were held.

The FSA earlier obtained a high court order restraining any potential unauthorised activity and freezing £20.2m in assets of de Dietrich and ETIC Solutions (ETIC).

Francois de Dietrich and ETIC are believed to be behind an illegal investment scheme. The FSA said it took action because schemes of this sort frequently result in people losing all of their money.

The order by the high court in Northern Ireland allows the FSA to preserve the funds and other assets held by de Dietrich and/or ETIC until the court decides whether he has broken the law.

The court will also decide how much money, if any, should be returned to investors and other creditors.

Meanwhile, the FSA is continuing its investigation into the activities of de Dietrich and ETIC.



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