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CCCS offers extra help to vulnerable debtors 11 January 2011

People identified as vulnerable, which could be because of their age, mental health or capacity, will be offered extra support such as help with completing forms and undertaking welfare benefits checks.

Under the new Debt Advocacy Service CCCS will contact creditors to explain special circumstances, for example if someone is terminally ill, where appropriate.

Run by some of the charity’s most experienced counsellors, CCCS expects a significant number of its clients to benefit from the service, including some of the 12,000 people it counselled last year who were claiming disability living allowance, along with the growing number of older people CCCS helps with their debt problems.

CCCS managing counsellor Maggie Kirkpatrick, who runs the service, said: “Debt problems are incredibly difficult and stressful to deal with. They are especially difficult for anyone who, for whatever reason, struggles with completing forms and making applications.

“We are launching this service to ensure that those who are vulnerable not only receive free, independent and impartial debt advice, but extra support according to their needs."



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