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Bankrupt comedian gets 40 months for deception 7 December 2010

A bankrupt comedian was last week sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court to 40 months in prison for perverting the course of justice and breaching bankruptcy rules.

Anthony Lee Wright, who was declared bankrupt in 2003, was charged after attempting to hide his interest in the sale of a property worth £108,000 by taking on a false identity, namely Anthony Cronley.

He was accused of falsely claiming that he was not bankrupt, using fake passports, bringing legal proceedings against his own trustee using the false identity to stop the proceeds of the property sale from going to his creditors and falsely signing a statement of truth in court documents during the legal proceedings.

The sentence was handed down on 4 December by Liverpool Crown Court. Wright was found guilty of failing to deliver a property to a trustee in a bankruptcy (10 months imprisonment), fraud (15 months imprisonment) and perverting the course of public justice (15 months imprisonment). The sentences will run concurrently.

Graham Horne, deputy inspector general for the official receiver, warned that people struggling with debt, who wish to benefit from the debt relief arrangements offered by the insolvency regime, must be prepared to declare all of their financial assets or face the consequences.

“It is for the Official Receiver to decide which assets should be sold for the benefit of the creditors and which many be retained by the debtor,” he added.  



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