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John Laing in administration 1 October 2010

Zelf Hussain, Mark Shires and Robert Hunt of PwC have been appointed joint administrators.

The companies in administration are Impala Partnership Limited, John Laing Partnership Limited and JLP Homes Limited. 

Based in Hertfordshire, John Laing Partnership was the social housing unit of John Laing Group before it became a separate entity following an MBO in 2002

It is involved in a significant number of building and refurbishment contracts throughout the United Kingdom.  

According to JLP's website, it's the leading exponents of regeneration, building and refurbishing homes with its social housing partners and through its private sale company, Intro.

JLP currently has existing contracts with Paragon Community Housing Group, Network Housing Group and L&Q.

In a statement John Laing Partnership said: "Zelf Hussain, Mark Shires and Robert Hunt of PricewaterhouseCoopers were appointed Joint Administrators of Impala Partnership Limited, John Laing Partnership Limited, JLP Homes Limited and Intro Homes (Stevenage) Limited on 1 October 2010. Further updates will be provided in due course. Intro Homes (Lettings) Limited has not entered administration, and will continue to trade as normal."





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