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Peter Sargent talks debt on the Fourth Plinth 28 September 2009

He will spend his hour as an art exhibit giving free debt advice and helping people with debt problems.  Peter can be contacted with any questions or concerns before he takes the stand by texting 07826 020276 or emailing

Peter said: “Standing on the Fourth Plinth will provide an exciting opportunity for me to talk to the general public about debt and insolvency issues which are affecting an increasing number of people. This year we expect 166,000 individuals and 30,000 businesses to go into insolvency which in itself is a vast number but the knock on effect of this will be felt even further throughout our society.”

Peter’s Plinth Page can be viewed at 

Get along to Trafalgar Square and show some support.  Alternatively, you will be able to watch a live (and very good quality) webcam showing Peter on the plinth at



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