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MP whistleblower is serial insolvency user 26 May 2009

He set up his current firm, ISSL, a small City-based private security business, shortly after he was discharged from an IVA, in June 2007.

ISSL is involved in insuring against kidnap and ransom and in providing cover for ship owners facing the threat of piracy.
According to Companies House, Mr Wick has had 16 businesses dissolved since he set up his first company after leaving the Army in the mid-Eighties.

In 2006 four firms he ran were wound up with combined debts of nearly £5million. The biggest debtor was International Security Management Company, which owed £1.9million, including unpaid hotel bills, debts for computer equipment, the bill from his milkman and another £41.10 for 'fresh ground coffee'.



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