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Bankruptcy trustee grills bankrupt Kerry Katona 15 January 2009

Louise Brittain, who has previously acted as trustee to celebrity bankrupts including Jonathan Aitken and Neil Hamilton, interviewed the couple about their affairs. She will also have taken an inventory of the contents of the property with a view to realising chattel assets.

Celebrity bankruptcies are often distinguished by the high value of everyday objects. Brittain famously attempted to sell Jonathan Aitken's books and records as assets in his bankruptcy.

Katona's £80,000 Porsche was repossessed in late December after she failed to keep up with repayments. She had earlier failed in a last-minute attempt to avoid bankruptcy at the petition of HMRC, having paid off all but £82,000 of her £417,000 tax reclaim bill for 2004 to 2006.



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